Thermisters for Front and Rear AC are reversed

Hey folks I have found that the front AC is controlled by the rear Thermistor and the Rear AC is controlled by Front Thermistor. Any suggestions or recommendations to correct this? Besides the fact the rear & middle Thermistors are mounted side by side just above the step up to the bedroom. The Rear Kitchen has no thermistor near it and it is the hottest part of the RV!!

Thanks Ralph

Vanleigh had a time mainly on 22 models that this was a known issue.

Behind the breaker box and G6 there is a small RSI-9 board where those thermistors terminate. You can purchase a depinning tool on Amazon to release the pins from the board and swap them to the correct locations. Some have removed the wires without the tool and others have just cut the wires to swap them to the correct terminals.

I am including a picture of my breaker box removed and a red arrow pointing to the RSI-9 board and the diagram for the pinouts.

Hey Ryan, thanks a bunch l will check this out and order a pin remover tool.
Thanks so very much!