Tank Sensors not working

We have a 2018 Vilano - The sensors for the fresh water and grey water tanks are down or no talking with the panel. Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this system?

I am not certain as to the setup on the 2018s but it should be similar to my 21 (with a few minor differences). The tank sensor inputs goes into the RSI-9 board that is attached to the G6 (the box with resettable fuses). It could be that those connections have an issue. On my unit I have to remove the G6 to be able to see that RSI-9 board. I will attach a picture of the pinout for the RSI-9 and a picture of where that was on my unit.

I would give Spyder Controls a call. They have really good customer service and will help you troubleshoot it. That can be reached at this number: 866.919.9092


Chris Jones

It could be that one or more of the sensors have detached from the side of the tank(s). I was under my rig to clear a blocked black tank valve and noticed that the 1/3-level sensor was detached from the gray tank and the full-level sensor was detached from the black tank. Not sure what adhesive to use to reattach the sensors to the tanks. You have to partially drop the plastic belly covering to see the sensors.

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I haven’t been brave enough to lower the cover just yet. We may have solved the readout issue when we rebooted the control system - it’s working better. Many thanks.

Chris Jones