Spyder G6 and G12 Pinouts

Posting in case there is a need.

Vanleigh units model year 22 and prior used a G6 as a controller that has resettable fuses on the front of the panel. Model year 23 units switched to two G12s that are typically placed behind cabinetry without resettable fuses or need to physical access. These are the pinouts for both units.

The RSI-9 module that is connected to the G6 does contain several extra RVC ports in the case you are adding accessories such as a Coach Proxy, Firefly unit or Seelevels. There is also one RVC port located on the front of the G6. A common issue in 22 units had the Thermisters wired incorrectly where climate zones were indicating the wrong area.


Thanks for the info Ryan.

Good stuff. Adding to the search fodder, I’ve attached a pinout of the G6A version that Shawn Cole sent me circa 2021 for my 2021 Vilano 320GK.