Shower water leaking

Hey there guys we have taken possession of the Beacon as of Friday. We are having a water leak when taking a shower. I thought it was from the three screws in the bottom of door railing, I backed the screws out a little & put some silicone on the screws and then turned them back in and added some on the top of each screw. We even bought a shower curtain and rod and hang it in front of the glass doors. I showered first tonight and no problem that I noticed. The wife showered and washed her hair and it was a lot of water coming from somewhere but not from the rail or underneath it but somehow it has a good amount of water coming out at the door and in the corner behind the toilet. The wife uses a lot of body wash and shampoo with lots of foam she said it wasn’t draining very fast and I checked the outside of the rail but no moisture. Have you guys had any issues with showering and water leaking onto the floor??

In my experience the water could be coming from inside the shower possibly somewhere along the door frame sides or bottom. It sounds like you already looked at that area and added some sealant but still had water leaking.

The other possibility is the water is coming from underneath the shower from either a poorly connected drain or HEPVO valve (same type of valve they use on the washing machine drain pipe). I think you should have an access panel along the edge of the shower panel that would allow you to see underneath where the drain connects to the drain pipes. The water draining slowly also makes me suspect the HEPVO valve could be installed incorrectly/backwards or the inner membrane could be flipped.

I’d suggest removing the access panel and watching the drain pipe connections while running the shower water to see if you can see the water leaking. There’s not a lot of room to work under there, but you still might be able to check the connections by hand. You may need to try and remove that HEPVO valve and check the membrane to see it was flipped or if the valve was installed backwards.

By chance can you show me a photo of the Hevpo valve. To access it I would have to see from underneath I think, there is a panel on bedroom wall that I can see the shower hot & cold but it is dry in there, there is another valve there that I thought is the black tank anti siphon valve for flush of black tank. I have to work today but I will investigate this evening.
Thank you Stuart

Ok, I did a google search on the hevpo valve will learn more on that, I think I saw it underneath from the bay storage area

I’ve got a couple of shots of it in this thread

about the washing machine leak I repaired. I’m thinking the membrane has flipped.

Well I have found the leak underneath the shower drain at the connection to drain pipe. The nut was cracked and manufacturing left it like that and tried to cover it up with lots of silicone. I not sure how to remove & replace the nut. Reaching through the heater vent hole is not easy to do any thing. I have a call into Mobile tech and I will see what he’s got to say. It should be warranty work but we are in a RV park and I am working 10 hours a day can’t take it back to the dealership. I will follow up later on this.

Good you were able to locate the source of the leak, sometimes that’s the hardest part. The fixing, in your case, sounds a bit challenging though.

I’d still suggest contacting Vanleigh/Tiffin since this should be covered under warranty. They’re usually pretty understanding and will cover these types of repairs using a mobile tech instead of a dealership.

Good luck!

I had thought to call dealer but your right should call Tiffin /VanLeigh directly. See what they say

Well we have the shower drain repaired. I called Drakon RV repair, a mobile tech. He spent 6-8 hours total working through a 5” heater vent hole cleaning probably a half of a tube of silicone from around the cracked nut and plumber’s putty inside the elbow. The white flexible hose that was too long by about 2.5” was glued into the pvc reducer that was in bottom of a black abs Y. One side of y is the drain for washing machine. One side is drain for shower. They forced the white flexible pipe into the abs Y that was pushing on the elbow of the drain. They split the nut when they tightened and they knew they did it!!! Tried to cover it up with silicone!

Drakon RV is a great guy and determined to fix the problem correctly, I would recommend him to anyone that needs a RV repaired. Good Job!! A snowbird RV repairman Montana to Arizona!

Great to hear you got it repaired! Sloppy workmanship seems to be pretty prevalent in the RV industry.

You need to be pretty flexible to work on RVs IMO. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Our shower has been leaking where the pan meets the floor. Looks like they overtightened the drain nut and tried to seal it with who knows what. Had the repair company out and he replaced the drain and also sealed the screws holding the door track to the pan. Im not sure why Vanleigh techs saw the need to drill holes at the lowest point. Seems to me that the screws in the side and a good waterproof adhesive would have been a better choice.

Glad you got your shower leak fixed. It can be mystery as to why things in RV construction are done the way they are at times. LOL I’m betting speed to get them moved out the door as quick as possible.

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Glad you were able to get it repaired. The plastic nut underneath the shower pan is in a very tight spot and hard to work on. Mine was a split nut that was over tightened and covered with silicone. Glad you got it repaired.