Sanimarian toliet

So this style toliet is a new thing for me, we used it only for one night and already had a orange light on if I remember correctly which is saying the black tank is getting full. But I think my front of RV was just a bit low maybe adding to the false indicator. I read somewhere that the sensors are spaced incorrectly. Which I am guessing that’s probably the reason for it to be on so quickly. But if you guys have words of wisdom I would sure like to know about the system???

I think saw from a previous post you mentioned you had the 41LKB floor plan which has two toilets, similar to our floor plan.

I’m guessing this toilet is the one located up front and should be a macerator style since it’s not located directly over the blank tank. Ours is a Tecma model and has a similar indicator on the flush button panel using green, yellow and red roughly corresponding to less than 1/2, more than 1/2 and then full. On the Tecma model, when the indicator is red (full) it will prevent you from flushing.

As for the sensors, I’m not sure if Vanleigh somehow tied them into the existing tank sensors for the Spyder panel or used a separate set of sensors dedicated to that toilet. I haven’t gotten around to dropping the underbelly to look at the black tank sensors and determine the location for the SeeLevel sensors yet so can’t confirm if there are two sets of sensors on our black tank. The Tecma manual shows the toilet having two separate sensors being installed on the black tank, you might need to check with the manufacturer to see if that brand is similar.

I haven’t paid too close attention to the Spyder levels compared to the toilet indicator other than when the black is empty or full they seem to match. I think you could be correct about the sensor spacing if that toilet model uses separate sensors. Tecma states the mid tank sensor should be placed halfway up and the full sensor at the top. You may just have to experiment a bit to see how they match up with the Spyder panel levels.

I was able to find this manual for a Sanmarin model 4 in case you have that. It also specifies using two tank sensors.

Stuart you are an amazing resource! Thanks.

I too have the Tecma macerating toilet.

I had a fresh water leak around the base so had to remove the stool to get to the connection to tighten it.

The inside connections both water & electric look the same as the manual you attached in previous post.

My spider control levels are not accurate but the green, yellow then red on the Tecma are better than the spyder indicator which shows full before it is.

I have the black tank professionally cleaned but Spyder shows 1/3 full when empty.

You just have to learn your system. The key item is to only empty when the macerating toilet is red. It empties better with fewer problems- that’s been my experience.


Thanks for the kind words Bob!

I agree with you on dumping when full as that really helps flush out the tank contents better.

I have noticed the black tank sure seems to fill up quickly. I guess it’s one of the smallest tanks that we have had. I decided to disconnect the red wire from the control panel and watch the spyder system indicating when full. I sure wish it was a bigger tank though!!
Can’t be good for off grid camping!


Our previous unit was a toyhauler and had a 104gal black tank and the Beacon has a 45. I do miss the extra capacity however we primarily dry camp and currently on day 97 without hookups we just have to chase a dump station more often.