Phone app for Spyder system

Since it was asked on another thread I am going to put the details here.

It is often asked if there is an app to control the lights and other functions. Well there is. There are two modules available from Firefly Integrations that are plug in play and utilize the front port on the G6 resettable fuse panel or onto the RSI9 board that is almost always located behind the G6.

I have found the best use case for the app being adjusting the temperature while in bed, putting the awnings out while we are outside or turning on the AC just before we land at a spot to cool down the rig.

There are two modules Mira (bluetooth module) and Eclipse (wifi + bluetooth) and they are usually around $500 and $800 respectfully. When VL rallies were still going on you could get a $200 discount if purchased during the rally so they may still offer deals at other events they attend.

We have been using the Eclipse module since we purchased our Beacon and has been very usueful especially when we are away from the unit and still have the ability to connect to check or adjust temperatures (if internet is available).

If you have a 23 model Vilano, Beacon or Ambition the Mira is automatically included. The 23 model years changed from the G6 controller to the G12s which has it built in.

There is still an open source solution called Coach Proxy that takes a bit more technical expertise to setup however usually sells for around $250 on their Facebook group. CP does allow for more customized integrations if you have the technical knowledge.

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Thanks for great info!:sunglasses:

Thanks for the details and pics. I’ve been thinking about the Coach Proxy setup, but since they closed up shop, I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend a lot of time setting up and configuring that.

The Firefly integration certainly looks easier and less time consuming, but it’s not cheap. If I can convince the boss, that’s the option I think I’ll be using.

I have a few friends running coach proxy in their Beacons. With it now being open source there is a Facebook group where a lot of folks doing unique things - however still requires some technical knowledge.