Frame flex/breakage discussion

Figured with all the hype going on about frame issues with other brands (it seems mostly GD) was just wondering if this has been a historical thing @ all with Vanleigh? We have a 23 310GK and to be honest not really concerned but figured worth the dialog.

Based on what I’ve seen or interpreted I think a lot of this issues are not ‘chassis’ related but the structure on top and it’s construction and/or attachments to the actual chassis. Also willing to bet a fair number were overweight… but that’s just conjecture.

Thoughts and comments……

Hi Jon, I’m in agreement with you. I haven’t heard many instances of actual frame breakage, more so the attachment points of the walls is what I’ve seen more of.

We had that happen on our 2020 39FBB and got it repaired last April under warranty in Tishomingo.

There’s some additional info in this thread -

I posted some pictures of the damage to walls and the bad weld that eventually broke and caused the wall to separate from the frame. They folks at Tishomingo did a great job fixing it and it’s been solid since.

Flex has been pretty common on the Vanleigh line and would have to dig up a spreadsheet were I was tracking the models, years and instances. I know that I had tracked around 20 units in 2021, and over 30 units reported in 2022. Those instances were before most were educated in the Vanleigh groups on what to watch for in which time that number rose considerably in 2023. Most model years impacted are 2019 - 2022 with some outliers that aren’t the typical frame flex symptoms.

You have something positive for the the 23 line as Vanleigh started adding extra supports in the wall (manufacture date January 23 after) where the slide opening is at the upper deck. 2023 Vanleighs with upperdeck flex breakage have been rare.

Many units that experience frame flex will have the the steel chassis welds break as well. These usually occurs on the angle iron that is attached to the upperdeck tubing where the walls are supported and bolted an additional connection point on the front upper deck. It is believed that that angle iron isnt the initial cause but once the structure is loose and broke free the movement of the wall works against that support causing it to break. Also common are broken or backed out lag bolts that hold the wall to the steel frame. Those can be viewed on your model by opening up the bottom drawers in your dresser.

Vaneligh started stuffing the aluminum channels of the walls with wood to help address flex and upperdeck issues in late 2020 and then as stated the additional supports in the 23 model line.

Although many factors can contribute to the flex issues including overweight, I am overly cautious about my weight as well as three other owners I know that have experience the issue. 3 out of the 4 of us weighed regularly and had attended an Escapees Smart Weigh on at least one occasion and all of us hit the CAT several times a year.

I have attached a picture of the location of the angle iron and is located on both sides of that upper deck.

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