Wireless control panels

2022 39GBB and my wireless control panels stopped working, I’ve checked all batteries (good). Any advice/suggestions?

If all of your remote panels stopped working usually two methods solves the problem; you can go into the controls of Spyder and into “wireless switches” and try to reconnect there or you usually a reboot of the G6 (Spyder brain with resettable fuses on front) resolves this and can be done by your battery disconnect switch just turning it off for a few minutes.

Thanks for the assist! I cycled the battery disconnect switch and then re-paired each panel and problem solved. Have a great day.

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Is there an app for the spyder control panel for iPhone or iPad?

There are but the reviews are mostly bad. After reading them I’ve decided to stay away. There were a few people that loved the app. It’s named Vega Mira, just search the Apple site.

I’m glad to see that we have some action on this forum. I have recently purchased a 2022 41LKB. It’s in storage for now until I finish this seasonal job I am working in Montana for now. I sure I will be needing some help & advice from you folks in the future.
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Yes there is an app but it requires to you purchase the module from Firefly Integrations to use. They have two different modules the Mira (bluetooth) and Eclipse (bluetooth and wifi) but they are around $600 and $800 respectfully. Easy install just plugs into the Spyder G6 port. The best use case I have found for it is adjusting the temp while in bed, pulling the awnings out while we are at the picnic table or starting the AC just prior to landing. I do use it to check the temps when we are away from the rig and adjust accordingly.

23 models have the Mira built in so no additional cost. They just have to download the Mira app.

If you are tech savy Coach Proxy still exits and is a bit less expensive at around $250 when they pop up for sale but does take some technical ability to implement. However, Coach Proxy is more powerful allowing for integration of other devices such as smart home devices (if that was an interest).

New to this form. We just purchased a 2022 39gbb,our first rv, and I’m having trouble figuring out the control app. Dealer told us you just scan the QR code and connect. Not so easy… I’m going to just try to figure out the Winegard system and allocate my frustration to another project.

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There is a module that connects to the control panel (G6) or the RSI-9 that enables the ability for mobile / remote control. Vanleigh didnt start including that module as a standard until the 23 models and then it was because they switched to the G12. Your unit (if preowned) would have a module that most likely comes off of the G6 (resettable fuse panel). I have attached a picture of my Eclipse module on my G6.

The module can be purchased from Firefly Integrations and at last check are $550 for the Mira and $850 for the Eclipse.

If you do have the module there are two apps from Firelfy Integrations called Vegatouch Eclipse and Vegatouch Mira. The Vegatouch Eclipse app connects to the Eclipse module that is both bluetooth and wifi capable while the Mira connects to those modules that are just bluetooth. If you are having issues connecting (assuming there is a module in place) the best course of action is to press and hold the reset button on the module. This has resolved my connection issues in the past.

Thank you so much for the information. I’ll check that today.