Wheel torque on 39fbb

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I am rotating the trailer wheels and looking thru the handbook I cannot find the wheel torque values on a 2020 39fbb Beacon, does anybody know where to look in the manual, looking online I am getting different numbers

The detailed torque specifications are in the owners manual starting on page 87 (2019/2020 manual). They list the three stage torquing process. You should end up with a final torque value of 210 ft/lbs.

EDIT: The manual is incorrect and the torque value for these should be 120-130 ft/lbs.

I’ve included that section of the manual below in case you don’t have one or it’s missing. I don’t think we can upload a pdf version of the manual unfortunately.

Hope this helps.

There is some confusion on torque and has been for several years. I know the folks that were contracted to make the manual and they pulled the info from Lipperts information which should be correct. That is found here:

The confusion comes due to the stud size being 9/16 vs the 5/8 defined in the link and manual. Brian Flannigan who used to be the support tech at Vanleigh was trying to get the manual changed to reflect 120ft lbs offering some confusion between owners. Shawn Cole (another tech) later stated that they were working with Lippert to get a less confusing chart for Vanleigh customers and to reflect the 120 ft lbs.

Vanleigh as of last year now says 120lbs. After visiting Lippert for some camber issues they told me that I should not be torquing above 130lb which was later confirmed by Morryde during my IS install stating I should be in the 140 range. I now do 130lbs.

Thanks for that clarification Ryan. Checking both the owner’s manual and the Lippert document you provided, they indicate the same torque values.

I did remember hearing the 120 ft/lb value somewhere, but couldn’t locate the source. (Maybe it was on the old Vanleigh Owners site :wink: )

So no wonder there’s confusion on this!

When I was at Tishomingo last year, they replaced a broken leaf spring and sheared off one of the wheel bolts. So maybe they were over torqued from the factory. I’ll be sure now to keep to the 120-130 ft/lb range now.

Again Thankyou
I cannot find that in my owners manual, page 87 in my manual covers the plumbing, from what I found online I should be torqueing around 210psi which seemed really high for aluminum wheels, even had to go buy another torque wrench as my previous one only went up to 150psi. And does that cover the 17.5 wheels which i have ???

update mean ft/lbs not psi.

Hey spud, I think what Ryan shared is the correct information regarding wheel torque. I have the 17.5" wheels and I believe Ryan does as well (along with IS).

I’d follow the torque spec that Ryan listed between 120-130 ft/lbs, since that’s probably the correct spec and the manuals (both Vanleigh & Lippert) were showing 210.

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Many Thanks for all your help :+1: