Welcome Vanleigh RV Owners Community!

I am a Vanleigh owner and was a frequent user of a Vanleigh hosted forum prior to purchasing my unit and found that the community offered value. Tiffin announced on January 9th, 2023 that they were discontinuing the Vanleigh brand and several of us using the previous community wondered what it meant for its future. One of the users reached out to Vanleigh and was told that it would continue to be there for the users however within a few weeks it was no longer active and had been shut down.

There are several Facebook groups offering information for Vanleigh owners however some prefer not to use that platform. I made the decision to stand up the same discussion forum Vanleigh was using. I have inquired with Vanleigh on exporting the previous data to this instance however to date have not received traction.

This website, domain and community is not owned or affiliated with Vanleigh RV and is owned and managed by Vanleigh owners.

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