Vanleigh Manufacturing plant

The Vanleigh plant looks like will be the new home of Baymont Bath. After Tiffin / Vanleigh announced the the closure of the line and then shut down the plant earlier this year the building has been turned over to a new manufacturer. While driving through I saw new action at the plant and asked a worker on the grounds.

I was down at the service center in mid April and stopped by the Burnsville plant and it looked pretty well abandoned just a month after the official closing. I took a couple of pics for posterity lol. Good to hear some other company will be able to utilize that facility and provide some employment opportunities for the area.

Looks like in your pics the Vanleigh RV logo was removed from the building. I was in the area in March - April and the logo was still on the building. They had also started some construction in the former employee parking lot that looked like a future concrete pad however I do not see that from your photos.

I was told by a previous Vanleigh employee that Baymont had been reaching out to some of the employees and he was offered a position there.

This is a photo I took in March.

I took those pics on April 11th. It’s hard to see but the second pic shows the old style Vanleigh logo above the overhead door closest the white office building. I did see some construction equipment on the south side of the buildings, so that was probably related to the Baymont acquisition. The other Vanleigh building at the corner of Industrial & US 72 looked to still have folks working in it. Not sure if that’s where they have the spare parts stored.

I do see that logo now - missed it as it had faded into the building.

That is where all of the parts are stored. I had a stay in Redbay and anytime parts were needed they sent somebody to the old cabinet shop (that main building on the highway) to retrieve the parts.