Vacuum breaker in the Beacon 39fbb

Hi Vanleigh Owners
Wondering if anyone knows where Vanleigh placed the Black Tank Vacuum Breaker in a Beacon 39fbb, as mine does not seem to be working anymore, Have looked under all the cabinets and cannot find it. My next course is to get into the basement and try to follow the water line, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks Spud706

Hey Spud706,

We have a 2020 39FBB. I’m trying to recall if I remember where that vacuum breaker is located. I have seen them for the grey tank located under the kitchen and half bath sink.

I do have a plumbing schematic I got from Vanleigh that might be helpful.

Hey Spud 706, on my Beacon it is behind the panel on my bedroom wall for access to the shower valve. The vacuum breaker is there also. Good luck!
Ralph 0808
2021 Beacon 41LKB

Howdy Spud706 and welcome to the group!

I have a 34RLB and our black tank vacuum break is located behind the shower accessible by a small exterior access door.

I want to thank Stuart,Ralph0808, and RB6000 for there quick responses, which are greatly appreciated, but sad to say mine is not in the places referenced, so decided to take the wall down in basement and following water line from the water connection it does go up under the shower to the front of camper, checked access under shower not there, so my next job is to get into the front closet and see if they put it somewhere near the water heater washing machine hook ups, seems to be a bad design option that it would not be in a easily accessed location

Hey Spud,

I’ve had to repair some leaks with the water heater and it isn’t too difficult to access through the front closet. All I needed to remove was the brown plastic trim on the lower shelf then two screws on the vertical panel beneath that shelf and that got me access to the water heater and the plumbing manifold.

Hope this helps in your search. :slight_smile:

I just reached out to somebody from Vanleigh and they said on the 39FBB is was placed behind the shower access panel.

As we have all learned sometimes things arent consistent in production. Let us know where you end up chasing it down.

Hey Spud706, did you by chance look down the opening for the shower access panel, mine was a bit low but with the aide of a mirror and flashlight I was able to see it down there? I’m just saying!


Hi Fella’s
Really appreciate all your concern, not had time to look in front yet but did get to look in shower panel door with the aid of flashlight and mirror as Ralph0808 suggested with no luck, had the pipes coming up to the faucet but nothing else except i did see another pipe running along the wall at the bottom, sure hope that is not the one i am looking for and it fell down when they installed the shower, will sure post it If and when I find it.

I did some more searching around the water heater but nothing there, so went back to the access panel behind the shower, this time i got the phone out and took some pics from different angles and lo and behold look at what i found on the floor at the right side of the shower, my next concern is how i can get that back up to replace it.
Thanks again for all your help

At least you were able to finally locate it. I do find it disappointing they installed it in a piss poor manner.

Hard to tell from the picture, but could you try hooking the hosing and attempt to pull it up closer? Then maybe secure it similar to Ryan’s photo which would at least make it more accessible for any future repairs. The only other ideas I have if pulling it up doesn’t work, would be through the bedroom wall panel or maybe from underneath, neither of which is really ideal.

Awesome you located it! Now to fish it back up to where it should be. Now sure how big that access panel you are peeping through is but hopefully you can grab it.

Glad you were able to find it. If you haven’t fished it up yet you might try using the old wire clothes hanger with the hook on it. I have used one often for situations like this. Good luck

Finally got it up to change out, used one of those 3ft litter pickup tools which i strapped a flashlight to and using the mirror trick was able to get it hooked and bring it up high enough to be able to grab it and secure to the studding, hopefully it will work better now. Thanks for all the help.

Thanks for the update, glad you were able to get it up where it needs to be hanging. It should function better now.

Nice work! Hopefully you don’t run across any more poor installation issues. :slight_smile:

We just bought a 22 39fbb, do they really have 2 gray tanks? There is only one drain?

Hi Chuck, In the plumbing diagram I posted earlier in the thread looks to show two grey tanks. We have a 2020 39FBB with a 90 gallon grey tank capacity and there is just a single drain valve for the grey (same as black). I haven’t looked close enough to see if that 90 gallons is a one large tank or two 45 gallon tanks connected together to get the 90 gallon total. (It does seem to look like two tanks in the diagram just connected together.)

We can fill our grey tanks up pretty quickly having 3 sinks, shower, dishwasher and washing machine. So the 90 gallon capacity makes sense. I think other floorpans like the 41LKB or 42RKB that have rear kitchens further apart from the bathroom might utilize separate grey tanks that have multiple discharge/drain locations.

Looks like the 2022 models have a similar tank layout and capacity too.

Vanleigh 2022 Beacon specifications

That makes more sense. Our last rig was a momentum with two separate gray tanks, and one of them would always fill up fast and the other one was hardly used so one large tank will work much better for us. Thanks for the help.

This is a picture of my tanks prior to the floor getting placed. A little congested as the wiring had all been placed however complimenting Stuart’s diagram you can see the two 45gal gray tanks and their flow. This picture is from a 34RLB.

The green circles in pic are the locations of the valves.