Upgrading Sound System

We have one of the last units before the shut down, a 2024 320GK, it came with a JBL Aura system which leaves a lot to be desired in terms of sound.

I just upgraded the 2 ceiling speakers to a pair of Hertz 6”, better but not great. My planned next step is to figure something out for the 2 4” speakers mounted just above the fireplace but not holding out great hope for a significant difference.

The only real option I can come up with is putting in a real soundbar without a subwoofer but that will require some creative wiring.

Has anyone figured out a great solution?

I’ve found RV sound systems are typically pretty bad all around, from the head unit to the speakers.

Our 39FBB came with the standard RV head unit from Jensen and some off brand speakers and 2 TVs with a soundbar. I removed both TVs and the crappy soundbar and replaced the TV with a better unit with a much better picture and decent sound. I haven’t replaced the head unit or speakers as we typically don’t use it, opting for our phone and bluetooth speaker we can move where we want it.

I have looked at the Sonos product line as they have some decent soundbars that could be used wirelessly or connected direct to the TV. Have you looked into car audio systems? They might provide a better option and selection for both the head unit and speakers.

As far as the wiring goes, it pretty accessible behind the head unit if you remove it. When I removed the TV there’s a big cutout on the wall that allows passing of cables/wires to connect everything. You could even pop out the fireplace and access that same wiring chase. I think it would also fit a subwoofer in there.

Agreed the base sound is fair at best. Trying to avoid a rip and replace… next step is to work on the built in speakers above the fireplace. right now they are 4" funky JBLs that were packaged with the head unit. Clearly the head unit leaves a lot to be desired as well but it functions in terms of playing the sources i need.

if my speaker replacement doesn’t work then i’ll probably wire in a sound bar with no sub to the living room TV and call it a day. My TV is on a lift behind the head unit so there is some room [have had it out to add an optical cable] I guess the only good news is the TVs are ok LG units. Just trying to get better sound for music and watching movies… what i have is fine for the news but no depth of sound. I’m just used to better…

what’s funny is we came from an airstream… and they did a better job … system had a sub from the factory…