Tishomingo RV Repair

How many use Tishomingo RV in Mississippi for repair? When we were looking to purchase our unit one of the draws was the Tish service center just down the road from the factory. We planned on visiting here once a year for service as we passed and wanted to make sure we didn’t ever need to drop our unit at a dealer.

This is our third visit to Tish and the Mississippi area continues to grow on me.

We use it as well. I thought they did good work (and in a reasonable time frame) on the frame repairs last year. It is a bit of a distance from Colorado, but I think it was well worth it compared to the typical dealers in Colorado.

It is a cool part of the country to visit, especially if you’re a music fan. I was able to take time to visit Elvis Presley’s birthplace down the road in Tupelo and also checked out the Muscle Shoals, AL area where you can see the legendary studios used by the Swampers (made famous by Lynyrd Skynyrd).

We have not been to a repair shop or dealership yet. It’s good to know that we can get the service at Tishomingo if needed.


We used them last fall. Good people and good service.