Tiffin Allegro Club

Today Tiffin Motorhomes announced that they have opened the Tiffin Allegro Club to all Vanleigh RV Owners.

Is this something that interests you? It appears from the announcement that this also includes the opportunity for those Vanleigh owners that join to attend future Tiffin Rallies. Vanleigh owners had the opportunity to attend one of the Tiffin Rallies being the Tiffin 50th Anniversary in Rocksprings, WY 2022.

Outside of the official Tiffin rallies, Vanleigh owners have organized a rally in June of 2024 in Oregon and I have seen polls for possible future owner held rallies in the East.

You can read more about the Tiffin Allegro Club, benefits and pricing here:

That’s a nice development. We attended the Tiffin rally in Rock Springs and it was quite large, but not a lot of Vanleigh owners.

We preferred the Vanleigh Rallies and miss that they aren’t around anymore.

We had purchased tickets for Rock Springs and Georgia that last year but couldnt make either one. We did attend the rally in Hot Springs in 21 and had a great time meeting all of the folks.

That is great to hear.

This is my first post but have been lurking here from the early days of the forum. My wife had sent several e-mails to both Tiffin and the Allegro Club about Vanleigh owners participation but never heard back from them. This kind of made us feel like the red headed step child.

In the early days of our purchase process for our trailer, I was in contact with the Southeast Regional Sales manager and all he talked about at the time was being part of the Tiffin Family, so I was always confused as to why we were never included.

Now what is going to have to be done is try and spread the word to other Vanleigh owners about being included and the benefits of being a member of the Allegro Club.

Would have liked to have gone to the 50th rally out in Wyoming.

We are the proud owners of a 22 42 RDB


Hey Bob - glad to have you in the group!

Who was the Southeast sales rep? We had several workings with Doug which I think was responsible for Southwest and then mainly Chase Davis during our purchase. Chase was of tremendous assistance for pre purchase.

Shortly after our purchase in 21 we had heard that they may open the Allegro club to Vanleigh owners so I was glad to see it come to fruition.