They killed the forum

I created this forum due to Vanleigh / Tiffin shutting down the forum that was previously hosted at When Tiffin announced they were shutting down the towable line Vanleigh RV on January 9th 2023 there were a few of us concerned with the future of the forum of One owner reached out to Tiffin and he states that he was assured the site would remain and no changes were planned for it. The site was shut down shortly after. I attempted to get a backup of the content data (non user specific) from Tiffin in hopes of importing it into this platform. Although this is unlikely I am continuing that effort.

I have created a few posts with SEO keywords as Vanleigh owners are only going to discover this site through search engine results. Google crawls and indexes the site making keywords important for its discovery.

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I spoke with previous staff of Vanleigh that are now working at the Tiffin Service center in Redbay Alabama about the post data on the previous site. Brett who was the Director of Warranty and Support for Vanleigh and Shawn Cole who has remained on support calls for Vanleigh and is now at the Tiffin service center. Shawn stated he has been unsuccessful working with his contacts. Brett stated that he was going to reach out to somebody and get back to me however that conversation was five weeks ago.

It has become less likely I will receive the data but will continue the effort.

Thank you for providing an update on your conversation with the previous staff of Vanleigh of he they are working at the Tiffin service center. It’s unfortunate that Shawn has been unsuccessful in retrieving the data and that Brett has not followed up as promised. Although the chances of obtaining the data have decreased, I appreciate your determination to continue your efforts. Please keep me informed of any further developments.

I have to say thanks as well to @RB6000 for creating this forum. I relied on the old owners forum extensively and was disappointed when it was abandoned.

I too contacted Jamie, Brett & Ashlee when the news came out about the Vanleigh shutdown back in January. I asked about the old forum and was told there were no plans to shut it down. Unfortunately a couple of weeks later it was turned off.

I’ll try to find some of the content I had collected from that site and post it here.


I saw your update post on the old forum stating it appeared it was going to stay in tact and on my next check back it was down. I attempted to retrieve the data working with Shawn and Brett to get in contact with somebody on the IT side.

I was told that they didnt keep any backups and the information was destroyed. Shawn later stated he could contact Ashlee to see if she had any contacts but at that point it was likely a lost cause.

I ran into the same dead ends. Brett and Ashlee couldn’t really get any solid answers other than it was shut down permanently. Shame all that information was lost.

I’m not a FB user so very pleased you put this new site together for us orphaned Vanleigh owners!