Step Lift Assist for 41 FLB

For those with a 41 FLB that want to add a lift assist to their steps, here’s how to do it. I had to buy the entire step assembly to get the LH Lift Assist and Lippert screwed up my order sending me the RH Lift Assist. So after several days with Lippert, they finally agreed to send just the Top Plate and Lift Assist rather then an entire assembly.

All you have to do is change out the Top Plate (6 bolts) and install the Lift Assembly. Here are the two part numbers you need, I have no idea if cost as mine were free due to the screw up. 22 41 FLB


Lift assist was listed as a standard option on 22 models but I was told by Vanleigh rep that they couldn’t do it on units that had the internal staircase to the left upon entry due to placement of the strut impeding the path.

I didn’t even look into a LH strut and maybe that is a new product from Lippert. I ended up with a different model so was no longer an issue. Great post for those that didn’t end up with one!

If anyone is interested in a new RH lift assist or steps, let me know, I’ll make you a deal you can’t refuse. I’m in NW Georgia.

If this were last year, I would’ve taken you up on that offer, since we were in Ellijay at the final rally. :slight_smile:

We were there also, but hadn’t taken delivery of the Beacon yet, we only live 20 minutes from
Ellijay. Funny, there was such a big crowd and VanLeigh enthusiasm, we were so exited only to have the factory shut down several months later.:cry: