Spyder G12 update

I worked with Spyder Control to fix a problem they had with the G12 module interfacing their RV-C to Seelevell 2 tank sensor’s. After about 6 weeks they provided an updated software package that corrected the problem. So if you have SeeLevel sensors and are tired of looking at the display jump up and down vice steady reading, let them know and I believe they will provide the update.

Good to know. We’ve got a 2020 and it has the older G6A panel. Planning on switching to the See Level sensors this year hopefully.


I am fairly certain this only applies to the G12’s.
Two totally different systems. It is my understanding that all 2023 units had G12’s, 2022 and back were G6’s.

Is there a phone number to call to find out about the app update?

You are correct; G12s were only on 2023 units and all prior were G6. The same issue occurred on the G6 where it would flash the factory sensors to the SeeLevels until an update was applied.

They used to charge for the update package however when I changed over to SeeLevels in early 22 they provided me the update via an email link at no charge. I recently had another Vanleigh owner share that they went back to the kit and he was a charge for the service. What was your experience?

@Beacon - their contact number is 1-866-919-9092 and have excellent customer service in my experience. They (usually Gordon) has answered a lot of questions for me as I had made changes on my system.

Ryan, there was no charge to me. The customer service was excellent as you stated, although it took the programmers awhile to get to it. This was the second time I worked with them and both time were very positive.
Regards, Eric

Interesting, I recently had SeeLevel installed in our 2022 rig and Spyder wanted $150 for the update to fix the Spyder screen flashing back and forth. I said no thanks and just live with the flashing. I also have the SeeLevel monitor in our bathroom right below the sink.

Who did you talk to at Spyder and what did you say to get this update for free?

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I worked with Jesse Johnson. I sent a video of my observations after interfacing the SeeLevel sensors via the RV-C interface. I was told that should not happen in the G12 and they would correct it. They did correct it and sent the update. I cannot say why they would charge you or other G6 users.

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