Redbay VS Tishomingo for Service

I have had experience at both locations. Within the first few months of owning our Beacon we had to visit Tishomingo for some repairs and later visited again. We first visited the Tiffin Service Center in Redbay when they were still new to repairing fifth wheels in fact were told we were the first owners to stay with their units. Our experience at Redbay was not near as positive as our previous experiences at Tish and likely due to them being new to the 5th wheels. So what is it for you?

I’ve only had experience with the service center in Tishomingo. It was a very positive experience in quality and time required.

Does the Tiffin service center work the same as the motorhome side without a scheduled appointment? If they don’t offer scheduled times, that would be a negative aspect for me. I much prefer to be able to plan out these types of things and can’t devote an unknown amount of time to waiting for service. Of course with the backlog of getting an appointment at Tishomingo, Red Bay may be a good alternative if you have the time and the repairs are more urgent IMO.