Rear axle ripped loose by railroad tracks in North GA

My 2021 VanLeigh Beacon 42RGKB was damaged by railroad tracks on US 441 in Commerce, GA on June 1, 2024 @ 16:00. I was driving at 40-45 mph when the railroad track tore my rear axle loose damaging L-Driver’s side leveling jack along with other undercarriage items. With the help of a heavy towing operator, we were able to realign the axle enough that I could drive into their storage lot which was less than a mile from the incident. My RV is currently stored at:

I am respectfully requesting a referral to Tiffan/Vanleigh certified mobile repair technician that could come to assess the damage and advise if able to make it road worthy to two/pull to a affiliated Tiffan/Vanleigh Service Center in North GA for repair. I would prefer to come to Red Bay or even Tishomingo Service Center, but it’s too far in my trailer’s condition.

Any help or referrals would be greatly appreciated.

HC “Chris” Hansen


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Hello Chris - Sorry to hear about your troubles. I knew somebody that hit some tracks last year and caused enough damage that there insurance company totaled their unit after a Lippert analysis. Their main i-beam had received a serious impact. Hopefully your issue is nothing close.

If I were in your situation I would likely start by looking up a technician on the RVTAA site making sure to vet them and they understand the severity of the situation.

Unless some other significant breakage occurred (hanger) usually an axle comes loose due to the U-bolt. I have seen this happen many times and able to get corrected fairly quickly roadside. Although a less likely solution - you could also call Lippert to see if one of their traveling technicians happens to be in the area. GA is still covered by Mel and they could check things for you however would be a more expensive approach.

It is good that their storage lot was within a mile of the incident. Hopefully somebody else here has a technician they know in the area they can reference. Good luck and keep us posted.

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Hello Chris…

We have a 2022 41LKB and we exclusevely us Kelly RV. The have a nice shop, plus they do mobile.

I will give you Mr. Larrys cell phone since he does mobile. His cell number is 706-308-0235.

Shop 706-795-0951 or 706-795-3255

KELLY CREEK RV 16 Bond Rd, Danielsville,ga