Plumbing and Wiring diagrams

Have you guys been able to get plumbing and electrical diagrams from VanLeigh? We have a water leak on water heater side that I am about to try and locate and repair. We had just finished our showers last night. Wife was about to wash dishes and no hot water flowing at all, cold was good but no hot. I went outside to check and it was dripping water on both sides of rv underneath. The water pressure was set at about 45-50 psi so I don’t think park pressure was the problem. I would like to have both plumbing and wiring diagrams for my 2022 41LKB that I will try to get after the holiday.
First week of actual living in it has been tough, shower drain, two water leaks under the sinks and now the hot water side of water flow. Plus a kinked cold water line that should have had a ninety degree elbow installed instead of the kinked line. I wonder if it is a lemon instead of a beacon?

You can contact the support guys (Shawn or Jeff) and they can provide you drawings for specific areas. They used to be much more free with the drawings however I was told by them on my last visit to Redbay since the transition over to Thor that sharing has become more restricted. I have had no problems getting a specific diagram I have requested however.

They use a lot of the white flexible hose in the water heater area since that installed after all of the wetbay and plumbing has been completed on the production line. This gives them the ability to install it outside of the unit and slide it in while on the line.

I had your similar experience and in my situation I had found most of my connections around my Truma hot water heater were leaking due to the white flexible pipes. They also had multiple connections joining additional white pipe that I cut all out. This pic is what I removed from my water heater leak. I will eventually move all to PEX.

I agree with @RB6000 it used to be fairly easy to get those schematics before the closure. I have some plumbing layout drawings for the 39FBB that came in handy trying to track down some plumbing issues.

I also had a hot water tank leak and luckily it was easy to access the tank up in the from closet. My leak was most likely due to a bad connection/crimp ring coming out of the tank connecting to those flexible white hoses. Pretty easy fix though using standard 1/2" PEX to replace the flexible in my situation.

I now keep a good number of the PEX connections (straight, elbow, etc.) crimping tool and some PEX piping. I also have both 1/2" crimp rings and 17/32" crimp rings, as the 1/2" won’t fit properly over the flexible hoses. You should be able to find those items at Lowes, Home Depot or Amazon.

Having the tools on hand makes fixing these types of leaks pretty quick once you’ve located the source.

I was able to repair the leak, actually the hot water side of manifold blew out one of the hoses that wasn’t crimped tight enough. But I made enough trips to Lowes& HD today to get the right tools and crimped some lines that were not tight enough and we are okay now.

Good point on the pinch clamp Stuart, folks don’t realize the white hoses need the 17/32 clamp and not the 1/2” at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

So I need to get me some of 17/32 crimps for the flexible hoses. Does HD & Lowes carry them? I have the 1/2” 3/4” in both types but I didn’t notice 17/32” anywhere in the stores. The copper ones were the ones with the leak problems for me! 3/4” mostly.

HD or Lowes does not carry the right clamps although a worm clamp can work in a squeeze. VL had provided me some 18.5mm and is what I continue to use.

Thanks @truk4u :slight_smile:

I used similar Amazon crimp rings like @RB6000 mentioned. 18.5 mm works perfectly when crimping the flexible hose.

Oetiker Clamp 18.5mm