No paint / color on basement / propane doors 23 models

I was on a dealer lot today looking at a few Vanleighs. I noted that the two Beacons that were onsite did not have the edges of the doors or the interior piece painted. Was curious if this was a change in 23 models or if these units were part of the last run and maybe didnt get the full attention. This pic is the propane door from a Beacon 34RLB

I’m thinking it was probably part of some cost saving measures. On our 2020 39FBB, the baggage doors are fully painted with the exception of the latches. I think they had made a change on the 21/22 models that had the latches painted to match the doors so they blend completely in. Maybe the 23 models went the opposite direction given what we know now about the closing of Vanleigh.