Low point hot water valve replacement

I have a Vilano and the low point hot water valve is leaking. Has anyone had this problem and is it easy to replace?

Hi Magoo, I had the exact same issue occur on our 2020 39FBB. I was able to order a replacement valve from Vanleigh parts last May. I wasn’t able to locate this valve locally or find something similar online so I went through Vanleigh.

Very easy to replace if you are familiar with PEX connections and fittings. I had easy access in the basement compartment to behind the wet bay so I just cut the old one off the existing PEX behind what you see in the photo and crimp the new valve on. The white tubing extending below the wet bay will just un screw and can be reused on the new valve.

If they look like the photo below here’s details from Vanleigh parts:

RED VALVE – 5137993 - $10.44

BLUE VALVE – 5137994 - $10.44

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the info.
These look exactly like what I have.
I am not familiar with PEX but I will figure it out.
Can parts still be ordered from Van Leigh?

I think you should still be able to through Tiffin at least. I contacted them via email at parts@vanleighrv.com but you can also call them at 256-356-0261 and choose the 5th wheel parts option.

I found PEX easy to work with. I picked up a decent PEX crimper and crimp rings at Lowes Shark Bite PEX crimp tool and have used it a number of times to repair other water lines. I think it’s a valuable tool to have for repairs on the road.

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