Lippert LevelUp 6 jack system

My 2021 Beacon 41FLB developed front jacks creep when traveling-yikes.

Many calls to Lippert to do test to diagnose issue. End of June 2022 at Sheridan Wyo they checked hex screws on top of jacks & inside generator bay ( I don’t have a generator).

On to Cheyanne all ok, then to Colorado, but in Wilcox AZ had difficulty getting jacks up to hook up. Used a pry bar to get up when touchpad buttons held. Then strapped front jacks up.

Took to RV shop, they worked with Lippert & replaced all valv cartridges . Worked fine on trip to Rose :rose: Parade in Pasadena.

Then May 11 we ok’d up to head to MN. As I was doing final check front master jack on passenger side. Took toRobert Crist RV in Mesa. George, service mgr, worked with Lippert & replaced master jack, master jack valve cartridge, Deutschmark solenoid on master jack.

Using boat trailer safety chains under each front jack as insurance! 1st day fine. Second day creep on master jack to tightened against safety chain but not under pressure.

I called Lippert tech & he suggested unplugging the two wire plug on top of master jack. That worked for 2 days (still use safety chains for insurance). Then 3rd day the creep returned on master jack but did not tighten against the chain.

Am in Mankato working with RVTAA certified rv technician with diagnostic test kit.

I’ll report results soon I hope!


I am currently in a campground where a unit from a different manufacturer likely has the same issue. It caught my attention as he was hooked up with slides out but all of his jacks up. I noticed he had each jack heavy zip tied to the frame to keep them up. He had somebody onsite today to work on it. I am going to ask him about it .

I had seen another Vanleigh owner report that with a leaky jack their slide would start to open during travel since the jack and slides are together.

I have not had that problem with slides but you are correct. The Lippert techs walked me through that on the phone.

We will try to re-zero using the touch before we hook up tomorrow.

I’ll report success or failure!

When we unhooked last Thursday the master front jack had drifted down 1 1/2 inches , settled against boat trailer safety chain but came up when touchpad used. Next unhooked chains & raised front to unhook. Level up worked fine & has held level since then. By resetting zero point, the “brain” may be reset. Here’s hoping.

Photo of master jack last ThursdayProcessing: IMG_3446.jpeg…

I read a Forest River forum regarding this issue with no clear answers.

When in Mankato the Mobile RV Tech & I siphoned ATF from the reservoir. It does not siphon rapidly. A turkey baster with tygon tube worked better.

There was quite a pit of ground up rubber & aluminum shards in the bottom. We removed the reservoir, wiped it out & rinsed with mineral spirits.

It was tricky removing the reservoir due to the generator shroud.

Refilled reservoir with new Dexron III ATF to 1/4” of fill line per Lippert instructions. TI-188

Then following the Lippert instructions TI-176 we flushed the lead landing Jack, refilled ATF, then flushed the slave landing Jack.

We drove 105 miles from Mankato to Lake Elmo, MN. We kept safety chains under each front landing jacks as a precaution but both jacks stayed retracted with no creep.

I also followed a tip from an Rv tech to do a quick bump (not enough to extend jacks) to extend front landing jacks to relieve the pressure from the retract procedure. I checked the tension on each hose on each jack & & they did not drift down at all.

The two relocation trips have occurred with out front jacks creeping since I cleaned hydraulic reservoir, replaced the fluid, flushed the system per Lippert tech sheet. I topped off the reservoir. Trip 1 from Mankato to Lake Elmo 105 miles. Trip 2 from Lake Elmo to Appleton MN 154 miles.

Still keep boat safety chains under front pads as a precaution.

This is good news - perhaps the process of cleaning, replacing and flushing corrected the problem. At what time do you decide to discontinue the use of the boat chains?

Since your original post I have noticed several other rigs now with zip ties holding their jacks up. One was even a Vilano at a Lippert shop however I wasnt able to ask them any detail.

Since I am a bit nervous about these jacks, I’ll be using them every time out. I put over 40,000 miles on previous 5th wheel (2012 mfg) and 10,00 on this unit (2020 mfg) before the problem occurred. I believe in “being prepared” as an Eagle Scout!

Last year I used 1” wide ratchet straps but actually broke one!

On other key tip is after using “retract all” I tap the front landing jack extend button to relieve pressure on the hoses. It’s easy to tap the hoses to tell if pressure is released as they are slack.

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Update on the “CREEPY” landing jacks!

I believe I may have talked to nearly every tech support person- both men & women- over the past year & they gave me my own case #!

On July 2 we landed at friends farm in WI & just barely unhooked & unit dropped all the way down. Used tractor loader & bottle jacks to level it. Only front landing jacks were totally inoperative. Rear jacks functioned manually so got TajMyHaul2.0 level.

Got new front jacks & valve cartridge ordered & got mobile tech scheduled for the 19th of July.

They cleaned the hydraulic reservoir, replaced with new fluid & flushed system from front to rear. They had to drop the belly corplast RO flush galley & dinette cylinders.

They topped off hydraulic fluid & worked the system several times.

Nearly a month has gone by & all is working as advertised! However I still loop safety chains under front jacks when traveling.

I wipe each of of the 6 Lippert level up jacks before retracting & after retracting all I quickly touch & release the “up” arrow on touch pad to relieve pressure in hydraulic lines. You can wiggle h the hose on one of the front jacks to touch.

We had a similar problem on our 2020 39FBB last year. It was pretty sporadic but still made for “exciting” travel days. At the Talona Ridge rally last fall, I managed to get a Lippert tech to check out the issue and said the front right (passenger) side jack should be replaced.

@TajMyHaul that was a great workaround with the safety chains. Wish I had thought of that rather than trying to use ratchet straps! I’ll probably steal that idea should it happen again. :slight_smile:

I finally got that one jack replaced at Tishomingo this past spring and have had no issues since. It was about $1000 for that repair, but it’s nice not having to stress over the jacks extending while traveling down the road!

I have just purchased a 2022 41LKB I am hoping that I don’t have the same issues as you guys have had. Still 2 months before I can actually pick it up and begin my trip to Oklahoma. So it seems that the problems are related to the system having metal shredding and rubber shredding in the fluid causing the system to fail. I wonder should I flush my system after a few months of use just as a precaution?
Thanks for the update and photos!

I’m not certain how many folks with Lippert LevelUp systems have had trouble like I did.

One key preventative is to wipe down each jacks’ exposed piston to prevent dust & dirt from being dragged up into bottom seal.

That was not my problem but it’s now part of my hook up routine.

It appears that one of the aluminum cartridges failed sending the rubber “sludge” and aluminum shards to the seals in both front jacks.

I have been traveling without any issues since July 19 - 1 month with 10 moves.

I still use the boat trailer chains around each front jack as a precaution.

This was a Lippert issue not Vanleigh issue.

I hope you have issue free travels.

Thanks Bob, what is the best way to get the flushing procedure for the system? I have used the electric version of the jacks. The hydraulic system I had on a class A ten years ago on a 2005 HWH system that the pump motor had to be replaced. But it is good to see some action on this forum and know that the folks here are using the brand 5th wheel. We may be orphaned but we can help each other. I had the see level system that I installed on a class a. The spyder system is something that I will need to learn more about.

Ralph here is the tech sheet from

TI-176: Hydraulic System Flush Procedure

To find other tech sheets at that site click on the towable hydraulic system.

We unhitched from truck, then used wood blocks to shore up front of rv. Next retract all 6 jacks plus dinette &galley. We then removed the hydraulic reservoir located below the pump after using a hand pump to remove all ATF. 4 screws hold it on & it takes a bit of careful juggling to remove.

Thoroughly clean it before reattaching. Next refill with new ATF Dexron III. It took me about 2.5 gallon to fill up to mark on reservoir. I bought 4 gallons because you discard the flushed fluid plus top off when done.

Now you are ready to flush. I started flushing the lead front jack. It helps to have 3 people- 1 to run the touchpad, 1 to hold a hose one the top of the jack plus open & close plug & 1 to catch & observe for clean fluid coming through to catch container. Follow the instructions in the tech guide.

I bought puppy potty pads to line the space after removing the LP tank. It can get messy.

Then flush the other front jack.

Next flush door side rear jack since the front jack & it are on the same line. Then flush the off door side.

Keep Checking reservoir & top off.

So all 6 jacks have been flushed but you still have the 2 cylinders above the belly core plant that move the dinette & galley. That one is on your back under the RV!

TI-120: Slide out cylinders

Keep Checking reservoir & top off.

Next purge any air the got in system following tech guide

TI-118: Basic Purge Procedure For Hydraulic Pump Units

I did not add the Stiction CAT quart because I don’t camp in cold climates.

So far all has been working fine but I still wipe every jack before retracting to move to next location & put on the safety chains I added.

If you have trouble finding tech guides give Lippert Tech support & they are good help.

Good luck

Thanks Bob, I will get that document downloaded and be ready to flush the system. I’m sure that the system creates some trash within the fluid that will need to be removed.

Latest Update on Lippert Level Up hydraulics in 41FLB Beacon. Well after returning from Wisconsin last fall with complete hydraulic flush and 2 new front jacks, I put the TajMyHaul 2.0 in storage. Went to check on it in February and new surprise! 1 middle jack on door side and 1 rear jack on off-door side crept down about 5 inches each.

Took to RV repair, they diagnosed it needed replacement, then emailed Lippert with results. Then I called Lippert to ask what they decided. After reviewing my service case number with all the photos and documentation, the rep said he would get Senior Management involved but they would work with the RV Service Technician.

Wednesday I got a call from Robert Crist RV Service in Mesa, AZ with the good news that Lippert would replace the entire hydraulic system including the 6 jacks and 2 slide out hydraulic rams! Talk about make my day :grinning:

Plus 16 hours of labor. It pays to document, get a service number when talking to customer service technicians.

I give Lippert a strong thumbs up but it took 3 years from the start of the issue til now.

Here’s wishing none of you experience this issue - a true lemon that slipped by Lippert’s quality control.


The new hydraulic Level UP 6 point system with galley & dinette hydraulics have worked flawlessly since May 14 when we started our northern trip. It was important to document each issue every day with Lippert technical support in order to plead my case for total replacement at their cost.

Here’s hoping this system will continue to work as it should :sunglasses:


So no more boat chains? You came to mind recently when another RV’er was telling me about their hydraulics issues and they were going to try ratchet straps to hold the jacks up.

Lets hope all of that is behind you. Thanks for the update!

No more chains but they available if needed!

Traded hydraulic issues for Schwintek slide out issues. See my latest post!