Half Bath Toilet leak

The half bath toilet is showing a leak around the base and I am wondering if you guys have had problems with yours. Thetford 42064 model with spray hose. Can I get a repair kit or not? I just noticed the water around the base tonight and thought it was leaking internally and seeping out. But I just noticed that it is leaking from the valve itself and that may be the problem. Can I get a replacement valve or not?? So any suggestions or advice. A new toilet is $200+
Merry Christmas to all

Hey Ralph,

I had a leak in our half bath as well. Like you mentioned, ours was also on the valve where the water connection is made for the toilet and hand sprayer. Fortunately it was just a poorly applied clamp and I was able to tighten that connection down and it stopped the leak.

I’d suggest checking the actual connection clamp to see if you could get away with tightening or replacing if that’s the source of the leak. If the valve assembly turns out to be the culprit you should be able to replace just that component.

I found this parts diagram on Thetford’s website for the Aqua Magic V version and it looks like your part may be listed as number 2 or 4.

Aqua Magic V parts diagram

Hope this helps!


Thanks Stuart for the reply, my toilet is a different model that has the pedal on the side. I think I will just order the base assembly as a complete unit for about $80 that comes with new gaskets and hardware with the pedal on the side. I will follow up with results in a few days.
Thank you Stuart

Well I think that I have no problems with the toilet. I had my 12 year old grandson staying with us and he had a aiming problem and not real experienced with the rv toilet flush pedal. So I have been checking it closely for 2 days after he went home and it doesn’t seem to have a problem. We will call it a Nathan leak. I am not going to order anything for the toilet now.
Thanks for the advice and suggestions.


That’s so funny :rofl: . Glad you got it figured out.