Half bath light/vent fan panel not working

2020 Beacon 39 FBB-the electric switch panel in our 1/2 bath quit working. You can use the main control panel to turn on the light and operate the vent fan/lid. I checked all the white push button breakers and all seems fine. Is there a way to reset this panel or is replacement the only option? !!Just discovered a cr2023 battery in the light/vent panel in the 1/2 bath. Replaced and is now working!! I best stock somemore batteries…the rest will probably follow suit.

We have the same year and model. I had to replace the bedroom wireless switch panel when new as it never worked properly. Vanleigh covered the that under warranty.

As you found out replacing the battery should fix most issues. Four years of battery life is pretty good IMO.

You can also check the wireless switches from the main panel under the settings tab.

From there you can reset the switch pairing by tapping on the switch you’re having an issue with. That along with removing the battery is the best way I know of to reset these wireless switches.

If you do ever contact Vanleigh, now Tiffin support, for a replacement switch be sure to remind them you have the wireless style. They sent me out a replacement that was a wired version, so it took some additional time for them to send the correct type back out.

Thanks for the heads-up on the Settings tab.

Very helpful! Thank you!