Furrion Fireplace Cleaning Questions

Hey guys I figured we all have the same basic Furrion fireplace that will eventually need to be cleaned out. I realize that this is not the best time for me to be working on it but if I need to clean it for proper cleaning and operation how do you guys get the front panel off to access it for cleaning or repair if needed? Any advice or hints would be greatly appreciated.

Howdy Ralph -

The front glass comes off the unit pretty easily by lifting up and off - it has tabs that slide into the slots on the main unit. This would give you access to clean all of the glass surfaces including the base of “crystals” that would need cleaned. We had a few close calls on bumpy travel days with the glass working its way off prior to upgrading the suspension with Morryde IS. I know another owner that removes his glass on travel days due to the same issue.

Outside of the glass surfaces the manual calls out the service needed is cleaning the intake and exhaust which seem to collect dust visibly quickly so the wife is always on top of that as she hates the dust. I have removed the unit and unit back to clean the internals (we boondock in dusty places often) by blowing / vacuuming them off but I have found that build up was minimal but still a good practice.

We just landed in an area where we had to kick up the AC today so likely our cleaning of the fireplace will be a bit less for a bit.

I have attached a pic of the glass and the tabs, a screenshot of the servicing portion in the manual as well as the link to the complete manual. I will chase down a pic of the back off and update the post.

I would occasionally clean out behind the glass panel as well. I removed the whole unit when I needed to run some wiring for the new TV and Starlink and found a stash of screws floating around behind there too LOL.

Unfortunately the whole fireplace quit working after 3 years and I contacted Furrion and they informed me that they don’t sell replacement parts for these units. At a round $400 to replace I haven’t decided if I’m going to replace it. I just removed the whole thing and now that area is a den for our dogs and their bed. :slight_smile:

I was able to get both of the fireplaces cleaned the other day. It was so easy after you explained the process of getting the glass panels off. I cleaned & vacuumed both in no time. Thanks Stuart & RB6000 for the advice of lifting the glass panels up and out the rest was no problem.


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