Frame bent by master bedroom?!

I have a Vanleight Vilano 375 FL, and think my frame may bent by my master bedroom door area. The door rubs on the floor as well as the bathroom door rubs on the floor as well.

Master bedroom door.

There’s definitely a pronounced bulge in the floor from your pictures. Does that bulge continue towards the front kitchen area as well? Is it isolated to the area by the bed slide?

Not sure what year your unit is, but if you still have time left on the 3 year frame warranty, I’d suggest contacting Vanleigh/Tiffin support. If you’re out of warranty, you could contact the folks at the Tishomingo Service Center. They do good work there and I’ve had them handle both warranty and non warranty repairs on our Beacon 39FBB.

What year is your unit? I have seen these symptoms caused by two different issues. In new models it is usually related to camber issues on the frame and older models had camber issues but in addition had issues with the lack of out riggers on the frame causing the floor to sag on the outer edges.

It’s a 2018 Vilano 375FL.

Wish I lived in the lower 48 still. Living here in Alaska, our options are limited.

It is confirmed. It is the outside frame support that has failed.

I have been trying to get to Alaska for the past couple of years but we had a few hiccups and plans got changed. I have Vanleigh friend that is up there right now and I am living vicariously through his pictures.

So failed outrigger? How did you confirm - was it a visual inspection or from a shop? I know that Vanleigh was working with Lippert and getting that issues corrected for folks even outside of warranty a few years ago. Usually it was addressed by a traveling Lippert tech but thinking they are not traveling to Alaska. This is a picture of another 2018 375 FL with identical issue.

Visual look. The support brackets are bent.