Floor bubbling in the bathroom

Has anyone had any issues with the floors in the bathroom bubbling up? We are still trying to.fix the shower leak and im hoping it’s not the wood below swelling from the prior leak. I assume these floors are all engineered wood.

Hey Troy,

We had some issues with damaged and loose flooring tiles on ours. Vanleigh sent a number of new tiles and I removed the problematic ones and used the flooring adhesive they recommended (DAP Weldwood Flooring adhesive) to install the new ones.

When I removed the bad tiles, it looked just like OSB plywood used for the flooring. I don’t think it’s any type of engineered flooring. On ours it didn’t seem they used an appropriate amount of adhesive for those tiles as a number of others have loosened and moved around.

Have you been able to peel up the offending tile to check the flooring underneath and confirm if it’s not just a bad tile instead of the wood flooring?


We did have some issues with the OSB under our tiles (21 Beacon) swelling due to water penetration and at another location had rotted out. I am not sure if you have tiles or a sheet of vinyl but the tiles did make it easier to address the problem / raised areas.