Fire Extinguisher

Hey VanLeigh owners my 2022 41LKB did not have a Fire Extinguisher or even a mount for one. Is this something that they are doing with all the 5th wheel models or is it just something that was missing on my unit? If your unit has one what size is it and where is it mounted? I contacted the dealership and they are supposed to be getting one shipped from Tiffin, if the RV has a fire it would be bad news, I have one but I would like another handy just in case!
Thanks for your reply

Hey Ralph, I’m betting they just forgot to install one. I think they are required, but not 100% sure.

In our 39FBB, it’s a small unit from First Alert (maybe 2-3lbs). Probably only good for quick use for kitchen/stove related fires.

I think you’re smart for having additional extinguishers. There are lots of other options as well for RV fire protection such as this one from Proteng. I’ve seen a few videos on that system and it looks to be a good option for automatic fire suppression.

Ours was mounted by door in the living/kitchen area. I’d think your floorplan would be similar.

I must have gotten yours! I Inver 2 just like Stuart’s photo mine is mounted at floor level between the outside door & dinette slide out.

The extra one was in the front cap cabinet.

I also carry 2 twenty pounders in my truck!

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I do believe they owe you one.


Thanks guys, I knew it was very unusual for it not to be a small fire extinguisher near the door, but I will get another just because it is better to have it & not need it than to need it & not have it! I hope Tiffin will eventually step up and send one to me too.

I have 20-lb ABC fire extinguishers…one in the kitchen area, one in the bedroom are, and one in the outside storage area. The dinky little fire extinguishers that most RV manufacturers install meet the absolute bare minimum RVIA requirement but, are only good for a puff big enough to put out a pan fire.