Correct setup for charging Battleborn Batteries

I will need to make sure that I change the converter settings to charge the LiePo batteries that I have. The converter is currently set up for FLA batteries what do I need to change to charge the LiePo batteries that I have to install once I am able to get the RV out of storage in a couple of months. I have had very little time with the RV since purchasing, spent one night in it with the PDI and moved stuff from trade in to the Beacon and back to work soon after. So I have a lot to learn about it.
Thanks for the feedback

Vanleigh started using the PD4575 with the battery selection switch that is accessible from the front panel on 21 models. The next prior PD4575 had a jumper for the selection once the panel was removed and previous to that folks were updating their converters. I do not have specific experience with this just the research I had done as I went down the route of swapping to lithium. I am sure somebody else will jump in with relative info but this will likely give you some direction.

Pictures from the front of my Progressive Power Center.

I had the same issue when I switched to Battleborn from the dealer supplied LA batteries. On my 2020, Vanleigh was using the PD4575 power center without the Lithium switch. I thought about switching the converter section out with a lithium compatible converter so it would have the appropriate charging profile, but decided against it since I’d be using the Victron inverter charger for battery charging. I just disabled the converter charger in the power center and rely on the Multiplus and solar for battery charging.

If you have an older unit prior to 2021 without the Lithium switch, you could still use the converter without the lithium switch it just won’t provide the best charging profile. The batteries may not reach a full charge if using the old style charger.

Progressive Dynamics does offer a an easy swap out replacement converter charger for those power centers, it’s the PD4575LICSV. You can pick one up through Battleborn for about $300 here →

or at Best Converter here for a little less $ →

It’s a pretty easy swap and would provide a lithium charging profile. You still won’t have a lithium switch, but you won’t need it as the new charger is already setup for lithium. If you ever do switch back to LA, you may need to swap the original charger back in.

If you have plans to add an inverter charger like a Victron Multiplus, I’d probably skip the converter upgrade and put that $300 towards the inverter :slight_smile:

Yes, I remember seeing the green light on, once I get to install my 2 lithium batteries and Victron monitor I will be able to use the switch, Good enough until I can get the inverter/charger (Victron Multi Plus) system hopefully. Thanks guys it’s great to have this forum active!!!