Circuit breaker panel cover

Greetings one & all,
just joined your site as I just purchased a used 2020 Pinecrest 305rlp trailer and have discovered that NONE of the circuit breakers or fuses are labeled in the main breaker box.
I’m assuming (yeah I know) this model is all wired the same so was wondering if anyone could send me a photo of their panel (model specific) or refer me to a source so I could label the panel cover?

Since Thor merger, is there still a Vanleigh contact for support/parts?

Welcome to the site and congratulations on your Pinecrest!

The electrical panel will vary on each model but I will post mine on a 34RLB to reference. Hopefully somebody with your model of Pinecrest will post theirs. I will also post my fuse panel label for the G6 with resettable fuses as those should all be the same.

Vanleigh has provided great phone / parts support through the closing of their plant and merging with the Tiffin support team. During that time there were still two dedicated Vanleigh support folks. They recently did away with those two individuals (one promoted and one let go) so when you call now you get the same team for the Tiffin product line (class A, wayfarer and super c). My last two calls to them I was told both times they haven’t never been in a Vanleigh so still a learning curve for support.

Parts can still be purchased from VL as needed through the same number selecting the appropriate option from the call tree. I have see a few parts become harder to get (ie Vilano skirting) - I recently saw a Vilano with 25% of it being Beacon skirting.