Black water tank sensor

Our toilet says full and will not flush. The black water tank is completely empty. Is there a way to reset something so the toilet will flush again?

Hi Troy, I’m assuming you have a macerating toilet in your unit. We have a 39FBB model which has both the standard gravity in the half bath and the macerating version in the main bath. Vanleigh was using the Tecma model in 2020, the manual is in the link below.

Tecma owners manual

On page 11 there are some emergency override steps that allow the unit to flush even if it’s indicating a full tank.

Does the indicator panel show a red icon Like in this picture?

If it does, that’s indicating it’s in flush lockout since it thinks the tank is full, and you could try the override. You’ll still need to determine if the sensors for the tank are working properly though. If it’s not showing red, the problem could be a clog in the pump, an object stuck in the macerator or low voltage. You could try to disconnect the switch wiring at the back of the toilet to see if that resets it.

Depending on your floor plan, you may be able to access the blank tank and get a visual on the toilet sensors on the tank.

Thanks Stuart. We have the 2022 39 with the single Sanimarin toilet. Im guessing there is probably a reset on that ome as well. Ill pull the manual and take a look. Appreciate the info

That model might be a little different. I think there was an earlier thread about that style toilet here and I found a manual for that model that might be helpful to you.