325RL Galley Slides

We are new to the forum. Does anyone have information on galley slide maintenance for our 5th Wheel? Looks like it should be lubricated (and cleaned) - but we don’t know how or what to use. Thanks!

Welcome! There’s conflicting information I’ve heard regarding lubrication on the slides both the hydraulic and the Schwintek styles. On our 2020 39FBB we have hydraulic (kitchen and living room) and Schwintek (vanity and bed).

For the hydraulic slides, I typically just make sure they’re clean and free from any buildup of dirt on the bottom side where the gears & rams are located. I haven’t applied any sort of lubrication to those slides.

For the Schwintek slides I have used some CRC lubricant to spray into the motor gearing that’s in the wall by the tracks along the sides of the slide box (2 per side).

I do clean and apply protectant, like 303 Aerospace, to the slide seals on all of the slides to keep them flexible so they don’t rot or crack.

The Vanleigh manual states and Lippert both call out that grease or lubrication is not necessary and could even harm the mechanism.:


Although the system is designed to be almost maintenance free, actuate the room once or

twice a month to keep the seals and internal moving parts lubricated. Check for any visible

signs or external damage before and after movement of the RV.

For the best performance, the slideout system requires the auxiliary battery be fully


Check for corrosion, and loose or damaged terminals/ connections at the battery, the

control switch, and the electronic actuator motor.

Check that the motor leads under the RV chassis are in good condition. These connec-

tions are subject to damage from road debris.

When operating the slideout system in harsh environments (i.e., road salt, ice buildup,

etc.) keep all moving parts clean, washing them as needed, with mild soap and water.

NOTE: The vanity slide and the bedroom slides are electric. The galley slide is


Grease or lubrication is NOT necessary. It could even harm the long-term dependability

of the slideout system.

Service and adjustments

Any slideout room adjustments must be performed by a certified RV service technician.

Adjustments made by non-certified persons may void any and all warranty claims.

Welcome V1lan0325RL!

I do the exact same steps that Stuart outlined with exception of my seals I have continued using a can of Thetford Slide conditioner that I have left. I use 303 on everything else and need to move to 303 on the seals. Good stuff.

Perfect! Thanks for the replies.